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After-sales service

First, the purchased goods are checked with quality problems due to their own performance problems can be exchanged. But due to the customer's own reasons, customers should be responsible for their own freight. The products and components must be complete without being used.

Second, consumers must hold all invoices or other valid proof of purchase in the process of return, Third, the product problems within the warranty period can be returned to company for maintenance. The proof of purchase and order number must be provided to our company. The buyers pay the freight.

Fourth, notes of return / replacement without reasons:
1, The exchanged goods must be intact in the appearance with complete accessories and intact packaging ; 
2, Products caused by customer-made quality problems should not be returned and the after-sale maintenance department in the factory is responsible for maintenance; 
3, The replaced products without quality problems in principle can not influence the second sale, otherwise, they are not replaced; 
4, In order to benefit the majority of buyers, all the products purchased by customers within the specified number, we will bear most / all of the delivery cost. Therefore, the sold products by the shop can not be freely replaced in the premise of not affecting the appearance and ensuring the quality. 
If customers do need to replace / return, we will bear the actual freight in the whole process. Please recognize before buying.

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