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  20 Item Add: Auto key programmer,pin code, chip, remote type, PCB > Lonsdor key programmer & remote type etc. 
Lonsdor key programmer & remote type etc.
Lonsdor key programmer & remote type etc.
Lonsdor K518ISE Third Time update service   No.:12128
Price:$ 199.00  
Lonsdor K518ISE Second Time update service   No.:12127
Price:$ 359.00  
Lonsdor K518ISE First Time update service   No.:12126
Price:$ 479.00  
Lonsdor FT02 PH0440B 312/314 MHz Toyota Smart Key PCB Frequency Switchable   No.:12111
Price:$ 65.00  
Lonsdor FT02 PH0440B Update Version of FT11-H0410C
Lonsdor LT20-06 8A+4D Universal Smart Key PCB   No.:12109
Price:$ 35.00  
Lonsdor LT20-06 8A+4D Universal Smart Key Board PCB for Toyota Lexus 433 / 315 MHz for K518/ KH100+ Series
Lonsdor LT20-04 8A+4D Universal Smart Remote PCB   No.:12108
Price:$ 35.00  
The  Lonsdor LT20-04 smart key supports 4D and 8A keys, and currently supports the conversion between 4D and 8A keys for Toyota and Lexus.
Lonsdor 40PIN-BCM Nissan Cable   No.:12107
Price:$ 31.50  
Lonsdor NISSAN 40PIN-BCM Cable for Nissan X-Trail T33/ Nissan Pathfinder/ Mitsubishi Outlander/ Nissan Sylphy B18 Works with K518ISE K518S
Lonsdor Nissan New Sylphy Sentra B18 Chassis License Online Activation   No.:12115
Price:$ 25.00  
Lonsdor K518 PRO Full Version All In One Key Programmer   No.:12114
Price:$ 989.00  
With 2pcs LT20, Toyota FP30 Cable, Nissan 40 BCM Cable JCD JLR and ADP Adapter
Lonsdor KW100 Bluetooth Smart Key Generator   No.:12113
Price:$ 89.90  
Compatible with LT20 Series Smart Key Board PCB for All Keys Lost & Adding Keys.
Lonsdor Toyota AKL Online Calculation 1 Year Activation for K518 & KH100+ Support Latest Toyota & Lexus All Key Lost and Add Key   No.:12101
Price:$ 330.00  
Support latest Toyota & Lexus smart key all keys lost and add key.
Newly add functions for AKL of Toyota/Lexus by OBD data back-up for K518ISE / K518S only
LONSDOR L-JCD Cable L-JCD Patch Cord Suitable for K518ISE Key Programmer    No.:12098
Price:$ 13.90  
L-JCD patch chord can connect K518 with car OBD, and then you can program keys for Dodge and Maserati.
Lonsdor FP30 30 PIN Cable for Toyota 2022- 8A-BA and 4A Proximity without PIN Code Works with K518ISE K518S   No.:12097
Price:$ 29.90  
Adds Toyota Corolla Cross (2022-), Frontlander (2022-) 4A Proximity (board number 1320 2561) add key and all keys lost
Lonsdor LT20 8A+4D Toyota & Lexus Universal Smart Key PCB   No.:12096
Price:$ 39.50  
Lonsdor LT20-01J0 8A+4D Toyota & Lexus Universal Smart Key Board for K518/ KH100+ Series
Lonsdor KH100+ Remote Key Programmer   No.:12095
Price:$ 179.00  
Lonsdor KH100+ is a versatile hand-held smart device, able to access control key, simulate/ generate chip, generate remote (key), detect remote frequency, detect IMMO, unlock Toyota smart key and etc.
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