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Tango Key Programmer With Basic Software
No.: 12009
Price: $ 1,019.00  
Weight: 285 g
Applicable models:
Original Scorpio-LK Tango Key Programmer
 1. 100% Original Scorpio-LK Tango
 2. Free update online
 3. Latest Version: V1.116
 4. Supports Daihatsu G Chip Function (Need to pay)
 5. After generating a new transponder with TANGO Programmer, you will not need any additional diagnostic equipment to program the generated transponder to the car! It will start the car directly, even on new FIAT CODE 2 system, also used in PSA Group vehicles! Only you have to write the new file back into the immobilizer system!

 1. Connect TANGO to computer with internet, start the software to [help]>>[check update], then you can update Tango to latest software.
 2. Please visit Tango offcial website and update within 28 days, or it will get locked
 3. If you want to get authorization for special functions or cars, please refer to official website too

 4. If your Tango already get G chip authorization, it can only generate G chip 10 times per day.

Tango Key Programmer Features:

 TangoPlus Subaru Smart Key (Page1 F1, F3) Systems OBD framework
 Toyota-H Immobilizer All Keys Lost solution (Gen1 MCU 11910 & Gen2 MCU 12xxx) -
 Tango + Barracuda (all markets)
 Toyota-H Immobilizer All Keys Lost solution (Gen1 MCU 11910) - SLK-06 (all markets)
 Clonning of Toyota H-key [Blade](128bit) on LKP-04
 Toyota/Lexus Smart Key Systems OBD Framework
 Toyota G Immobilizers OBD Reset & Add Key (including EU type)
 Toyota/Lexus H Keys Image Generation Page1 39, 59, 5A, 99, 3A, 7A on TRPWS21 transponder
 Toyota/Lexus G Keys Image Generation and Clonning Page1 19,36,56,96,37,57 on LKP-02,CN5
 Toyota/Lexus/Subaru SmartKey Reset (40/80/128bit)
 FREE Off-line Full Copy of TIRIS DST (ID60-70) onto TPX2,EH2,CN2,CN5,LKP-02
 FREE Image generator ID70 on ID4D
 Image generator ID67/68 on ID4D
 Full FREE production of TP22, TP23, TP24, TP25
 Free write Component Security 7 bytes Tool (Megamos48)
 Over 1142 Key Makers, 793 included with basic software
 In-depth Manual and Technical Support Provided
 Searching of the 7th byte by existing car's key (Megamos48)

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